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Egg Argonaut

The Egg Argonaut, attacking Emerald Town.

"This giant squid is one of many battlecruisers of Eggman Empire. The Argonauts are ideal to attack cities and take prisoners. Its crew is made up of robots."

The "Egg Argonaut" is another flying fortress created by Dr.Eggman.

Build in a shape of an Squid, the fortress is a force to be reckoned with.

His attack on Emerald Town goes well, until the Love Potion outbreak.


The cell (Act 0)Edit

The prision cell is the place you start the game, to get out, the player needs to break the cell door.

The fact is, this is not a true prison cell, is a normal storage room, but Dr.Eggman makes this a prison cell.

Here are the other characters of the game that the player is not controling in that time, under the initial effect of the Love Potion Masturbating

Storage Corridors (Act 1)Edit

The cargo area corridors of the Egg Argonaut. With a lot of crazy badnicks.

This place hidden a secret passage to the Storage Room. (see Secrets)

Here the player can save the character Telsa

Storage Room (Secret Act)Edit

Here the player can find the Green Chaos Emerald saving Sophie.

(also see Secrets)

Argonaut Hangars (Act 2)Edit

The hangars of the ship, that leads to the Control Roon.

No characters to save here and no secret passages.

Argonaut Control Room (Boss Act)Edit

Here the player faces Bokkun, Decoe and Bocoe.

After the battle, they receive a contact from Dr.Eggman in the Control Room main screen.



Buzz Bomber


Tentacle Trap

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