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Secrets in Project X.

Secret ZonesEdit

Zone 1-1: Storage RoomEdit

Entrance to Secret Zone: Destroy the snack machine immediately before the gap.

Contents of Secret Zone:


  • Money
    • 2nd EggBox
    • 4th EggBox
    • 6th EggBox
    • 10th EggBox
  • Rings
    • Container
  • Used Condom
    • 7th Crate
  • Green Emerald
    • Sophie


  • Lvl 3 Grounder x1
  • Lvl 3 Moto Bug x1

Zone 2-2: Underground CliffEdit

Entrace to Secret Zone: Destroy the tree immediately to the right of Brass the Cat.

Contents of Secret Zone:


  • Red Emerald
    • Summer
  • Abortion Pill
    • Tina


1st Wave:

  • Lvl1 worms x???
  • Lvl2 worms x???
  • Lvl3 worms x???
  • (Until an exact count is verified, just know that there is a shitload of worms)

2nd Wave:

  • Lvl2 horse x1
  • Lvl3 horse x1

Zone 3-?: ??? (As of version 3.5 not available.)Edit

Entrance to Secret Zone: As soon as you finish act 1 of stage 3 it sends you to a bonus stage

Contents of Secret Zone: Collect at least 100 rings to obtain chaos emerald. You have to avoid enemies and pillars, if you touch an enemy you don't get raped, you just lose rings

Items: Chaos Emerald

Enemies: Mermaids, Decoe, Bocoe, Doctor Eggman

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